Range Rover Tyres

Range Rover

  • Early series 1 Range Rover classic fitted 205 R 16 Michelin XM+S tyres.
  • Michelin are again making this early Range Rover tyre again.
  • Series 1 Range Rover tyres 25psi front and rear with 10 psi extra in the rear fully loaded and towing.

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    Range Rover Tyres Pneumatici Raccomandati

  1. 205 R 16 Michelin X M+S
    205 R 16 Michelin X M+S

    A partire da 235,20 US$ 196,00 US$

  2. Range Rover Tyres CAMERA D'ARIA

  3. Michelin 15/17H Offset Valve Tube
    Camera della Valvola Oblique Michelin 15/17H

    A partire da 47,04 US$ 39,20 US$

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Land Rover Classic Tyres

Great news for series 1 Range Rover Classic owners that Michelin have made the original tyres again.

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