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Salmson AL Classic Tyres

  • The Salmson AL cyclecars fitted 710 x 90 tyres however they often switched to fitting 27 x 4.40 tyres due to them being more readily available at the time and as they were the more modern well based, wired on alternative to 710 x 90 tyres.
  • The size description of 27 x 4.40 refers to a 27" approximate overall diameter with a tyre section width of 4.4" leaving a rim size of 19" in diameter. This description was soon out of fashion and subsequently replaced with either 4.50 - 19 or 4.00 - 19.
  • Our recommended fitment for a Salmson AL is the 4.00/4.50 x 19 Longstone. These have been specially designed for vintage cars of the 1920s such as the Frazer-Nash and Bugatti Type 35. We recommend using the Michelin Kleber Offset Valve Inner Tube.
  • If you wish to keep the original 710 x 90 fitment, then we recommend fitting the 710 x 90 Ensign Chevron Cord. We recommend installing the Central Valve H/D Michelin Inner Tube 710X90.

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